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About The Artist

A native of Orange County, Lee Nixon Jr. received his Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education from Virginia State University in 1975. He taught at Daniel Morgan Middle School in Winchester, Virginia for five years. While there, he served on a committee for the annual Fine Arts Festival that involved all of the area schools. In 1980, Lee returned to Orange, to teach at Orange County High School where he initiated an annual Arts and Science Festival, which continued until recently. If you attended Orange County High School chances are good that Lee Nixon was your art teacher. He works primarily in acrylics for their versatility and compatibility with other media. His impressionist paintings reflect a need, care and reverence for a serene earth, and the desire to share it with the viewer through color, pattern and texture. His paintings have appeared in numerous galleries, including the Science Museum of Richmond, and the Arts Center in Orange.

Why I Paint

I Love To Paint

I am inspired by the skill and imagination abounding in the natural world. So, I have re-created the exquisite textural patterns found on trees, the intricate patterns of flowers, and rolling hills with bundles of hay. It is a constant engagement of ideas, feelings, and emotions flowing onto a blank canvas in an array of spectacular colors harmonies. It speaks volumes of what I cannot say in words.

I would call myself an Impressionist artist. Each created work of art reflects my vision at that particular time. I often apply strokes of pure contrasting complementary colors to excite the viewer's eye so that the color appears to leap off the canvas.

Several paintings were inspired by the application of natural elements such as: gravel and sand for 'actual textures'. Also I have experimented with tissue paper to simulate the rugged textures of trees, to the solid mass of smooth rocks and stones.

My goal is to artistically capture the endless variety of harmonious designs that exist all around us, and to fuse pattern with emotion.

The Artist
Nixon’s Impressionist paintings reflect a need, care, and reverence for a serene earth, and the desire to share it with the viewer through color, pattern, and texture


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